The Hercules brand has diversified the range of cycles to fit the demand of youngsters. The craze of MTB cycles among peers of today’s generation is trending like anything. Contemporary times are defined by being active, doing exercise, passionate about adventures, etc. Also, in this age of competitive racing as a sport, it’s welcoming that you must train as early to get a grip over the trails and gears. The bike I’m reviewing today is Hercules Roadeo A100, which is pretty decent for the range and to ride in mountain roads. A good bicycle is different for different ages. This one is for teenagers above 13 years. Let’s see the features of the bike in detail and why you should choose it.

Hercules Roadeo a100 vx 21 Speed Bicycle Review

Best for off-trail riding

Hercules Roadeo is a mountain type bicycle that enables your riding spirit to ride on rough terrains. This cycle will give you a perfect feel of an adventurous ride on country elevated terrains filled with rocks and gravel. The fun gets even maximized as this cycle weighs only 16 kg, which is good as trails are typically not easy to run, and that’s why lighter MTBs are best to practice. You can also train yourself on a regular road ride while putting some blocks of woods and rocks as an obstacle to equip oneself for uneven trails. On sharp and steep climbs, the handlebars and smooth shifters will get a hang on the edgy roads. This cycle is best for 13 yr or above, with a height of 5-5.10ft. 

Minimalist and sleek design

From the very first look, you will love how the designs look glossy on the designer 6061 alloy frame. The bike stands out with its minimalist look that focuses on functions like fine-tuning of suspension with neatly clamped wires. The frame with a white-black color combination reaches out with its top-quality paint that is sleek and shines in the body. The saddle, although can’t be adjusted, is fixed. But the seat is long to give a comfortable position and good contact with the handlebar. This MTB riser bar has thumb shifters which are smooth to use on uphill and downhill pathways. The rear cogs can be changed with the left side of handlebars and front through the right side with 7 Revo shifters.

Shimano gears

Gears are very important in off-trail rides and this MTB cycle has Shimano gears that give a trendy start for speedsters for smooth gear shifting and greater maneuverability.  And what’s noteworthy in this bike is that it has a set of 21 gears that suggests 3×9 cogs at front and rear.  The Shimano gears have fire shifters or Revo shifters, which allows for thumb shift and index shift from handlebars.  Also, the dual suspension optimizes performance like it will feel smooth while pedaling. It means that while riding, you will feel comfortable to handle. It has mechanical wire brakes with Disc brakes at the front wheel and v-brakes in the rear. It might be confusing in handling the gears on rockier terrain or downhill as there are three gears for front by the left side of the handlebar and seven gears for a rear shift in the right switch of the handlebar. So practicing from the normal road, would be a good starting point, then climbing a steep mountain.

A balanced ride

A balanced ride means a sturdy build of the cycle. Riding in off-road trails depends on how well you drive but also on how good your bike can handle the shocks while speeding and pedaling fast in the rough terrain. For this, the spiral shock absorbers in the cycle are pretty sufficient to hold the uphill and downhill.  Leaning towards the handlebar during rides and roll also is a better option for balancing. This bicycle is sturdy and durable for long rides. The frame is of steel, which gives weight to the bike to make balancing easier. That allows for putting fewer muscle efforts while pedaling and more efficient performance.

Ideal wheel size

Last but not least, the ultimate riding experience is made easy with a better wheel. This cycle is a complete package with its ideal 26-inch wheel size.  In avoiding hindrances on the uneven roads, this cycle offers a nice size to experience the higher traction. Your riding style and position also depends upon the wheel size. The friction will help in better rolling resistance of the wheels. Although it also depends on how you ride, one needs to have the best features while plowing through rocks to boost off-trail. Concerning wheels, also needed here are good tires, and the one we own here is wider MTB tires beside alloy rims.  Another significant feature here is the reflectors for nighttime vision on both sides of the wheels as front and rear reflectors.

To fill the gap between the lifestyle choices of sticking to mobile phones, Hercules cycles are giving major goals to choose the latter as the best lifestyle change. That means going out of the homes and enjoying the natural landscapes. This means going out of the homes and enjoying the natural landscapes. Cycling is a means to enjoy, and it fills with adventures and thrills. The bike is well made to handle for the starters and learning gears and doing fast brakes as stunts or alike. The simplicity of bike rides is such that it has hooked people across generations.  It has been considered a fundamental exercise as well as a sports activity.

This cycle review points out the significant advantages that are worth spending your time and money. Since the market is in stock, with many bikes but reviews on them are less. I hope you read it thoroughly to find what’s best you will find in this cycle over others. This bike is for dedicated speed and trail lovers who want to feel the thrill on mountainous roads.

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