Choosing the right bike means it must be good, performance-wise. So what defines a performance. Well, first, it’s the basic features whereby it sleekly runs while you pedal.  Does it enhance confidence, or is it stiffer to move around. Does it make you shake due to loose handles or make you shift gears without much hassle? One needs to be sure on these fronts as you are putting your money and body. It’s a must to be sure of any health of this on how much faith you can put in the bike to make your riding life easier. We bring you this bike that is best for starters of 13 years or above to upgrade their skills while being sure with its features.

Kross k10 Multi-Speed Bicycle Review

I am reviewing Kross K10 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike, which I would in short define as- a great style sporty cycle that makes you hooked on its gear performance.

Now, let’s get into a detailed review.

Ideal for boys

If you have just developed a hobby of cycling, then this is the right cycle to make your right partner. That gives an edge to your new ambition as it’s an all-terrain cycle.  It means from city rides, and rough terrain, for a big rolling to speeding out the amount of effort you put will reflect in your technique. You can build your style, and strength starting with the 18 gears. It is a multi-speed cycle that lets you enjoy sets of gears and is willed to your control and speed to recognize your way of riding. Are you an exerciser, or trying for the triathlon, or a speedster? This cycle will open your path to try out cycling as a sport, as a fitness lover or an adventure rider.


The Kross 26T K10 is a multi-speed bicycle for all-purpose use and brakes provided here are V-brakes. Here is a side pull version of cantilever brakes popularly used in the Shimano gear system. It holds a high mechanical advantage. This City Bicycle has mechanical wire brakes for friction-free cable casings that come in both front and rear wire brakes systems. That is also used initially for safe riding as the V-brake alloy lever enables effective braking. The V-brake alloy lever enables effective braking. In the beginning, use both the brakes to learn the gear ratio then shift to using only one. As a skilled cyclist, you will feel that the front brake is enough. Skilling in brakes is more relevant to skid and slide.


To get into the world of geared bicycles, this is the basic cycle to start with, for you should feel at ease while shifting gears. A common drive-train possesses 18 gears secured by a triple chainring with 6-gear cassettes. Practicing is the key here, which you can fully enjoy or exploit with this cycle to gain cadence and much control over the gears. Rhythm is very important to maintain in an 18 gear cycle to enjoy the uphill and downhill terrains. A big pedaling rotation is a trick to get a grasp over it.

There exist two derailleurs to change between 18 gear ratios, the front derailleur shifts the chain, while the rear derailleur uses an arm. As the cogs are of different sizes, proper practice is needed to learn how gear functions.


26-inch wheel size is optimum to produce a good riding position as it places the saddle and handlebars perfectly aligned. You will get a wide-angle to speed on mountain paths. Larger wheels that are more than 26 inches make your position heightened; for a youngster’s smaller size is good to give them balance and agility.  Also, for better acceleration, a right size wheel will vouch for the responsiveness of this cycle in handling obstacles, steep climbs, and quick trials, a great experience. Tires measured as  26 x 1.95 follows a city tread pattern for better smooth riding.  However, you can not find disc brakes in the wheels, which is fair enough provided the other important specification is in the budget. The wheels have aluminum alloy rims, and also molded anti-skid pedals give a good grip.


The Kross 26T K10 Multi-Speed is an 18-speed bicycle is a good gateway to make your entry into the community of cycling. It is an all-terrain City bicycle that has a Steel frame. The frames, in general, are brazed, but the cycle has a frame that is Mig welded, which is not in trend as they look messy. However, this isn’t the case here, as the steel frame looks sporty. With the good quality paint and the graphics rightly done, the welding joints are covered well. The handlebars are in a semi- raised position for greater control and smooth performance. It also has soft grips to avoid muscle strains. Frames enhance the utility of the bike for long-lasting use.

The Kross 26T K10 is a hardtail bike that means it has only front suspension. It is a bit lighter than a full suspension bike. It weighs only 14 kg. It also has mudguards on both the wheels for protecting it. The build looks superior quality and truly will enhance your confidence. With most of the essential features, the cycle is the best to start your love of speed. Master rider starts from learning through two brake systems to do skidding and for wheel lift-off. And this cycle is perfect to drive passionately for the love of riding and its thrill. Also, practicing in a large parking space is suitable as a protective measure. This cycle is truly loved by the youngsters today for all-round development.

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